Health and Well-being

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Medication forms 

If your child needs medication administering in school please complete the  form here & bring to the school office. If your child has long term medical needs, please contact the SENCo Mrs Lall ( so that we can ensure their needs are met and they can achieve their best in school.


Absence Requests

 To report an absence or request extended leave during term time, please complete the Leave of Absence form and email to: or hand the form into school office. For an admission form for our Nursery, click here.

 Thank you.


Important Information regarding absences during term time

 The Education (Pupils Attendance Records) Regulations state that all absences of pupils must be identified in the register as authorised or unauthorised and that information on the rate of such absences must be published. Any absence from school must be accounted for and, therefore, you are asked to contact the school on the first day of absence and send a letter with your child on their day of return to school.


It is a requirement by law that children attend school everyday in term time except if they are ill. There is no entitlement to any other time out from school. It is only at the discretion of the school that any other absence is authorised. No parent can authorise an absence. We know that as a school we cannot actually stop parents taking their child out of school, but parents need to be fully aware that if they keep their child out of school without the agreement of the school, the child will be noted as having an unauthorised absence and this is counted as truancy and a penalty notice and fine will be served on return to school


Leave of absence of up to 2 authorised weeks may be granted in exceptional circumstances only. We recognise that many of our children have families who live in other parts of the world, where climatic conditions are against making use of the English summer holiday for family visits. There are also some religious events that occur that may require brief absence. If any child is absent longer than the authorised period and does not return on the date specified, they may lose their place at the school and will then have to go through the full admission and appeals process. If you take your child out of school for any extended time there is no guarantee that they will get a place when they return.


It is essential that children do not take time out of Years 2 & 6 because of their National Assessments and the work involved. Many children who take holidays in term time find it extremely difficult to settle into friendships in the class, indeed some never manage it. All of them have a disruption to their own work and the work of the rest of the class.


In Years 2 & 6 and at the beginning of the Autumn Term is a time when we do not authorise any absences for holidays. This is because at the beginning of the academic year teachers set up all the work of the pupils, the class procedures and structures, new friendships are formed and old ones re-established. Any unauthorised absences may be subject to a Penalty Notice leading to a fine of up to £120 per parent per child.


Assessment times are another bad time for children to be absent. Bearing in mind that as a school we measure termly progress, it is important not only that children are not absent for the tests, but also that they have been in school throughout the term so that they can learn all they need in order to make progress. Parents who wish to request leave of absence during term time must complete an Absence Request form, which is available from the link here, the school office or by completing the Absence Form below.


If children who attend the Foundation 1 are away for more than four weeks for anything other than illness, they will be removed from the Foundation 1 Register and their place will be given to another child. This is because we have large numbers of children waiting for Foundation 1 places and we cannot leave them vacant.


Absence Form