Curriculum vision for Linden

"We aim to deliver a broad, balanced and bespoke curriculum which engages and inspires our children."

Our curriculum includes all the planned activities that we organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. This includes the national curriculum objectives for each subject but also all the extra-curricular activities organised by the school to enrich the experiences of children at Linden. Through our curriculum we also aim to develop the children into individuals who behave in a positive, respectful and responsible manner. Our curriculum is designed to help the children of our local community achieve their full potential.

Curriculum Design

Our curriculum is designed so that the substantive knowledge, disciplinary knowledge and vocabulary that our pupils learn is developed in each subject from Nursery to Year 6. Each unit builds on the prior knowledge of our pupils from previous years and from the knowledge that they have learnt this academic year. Within each subject, our curriculum is designed to build on the pupil’s knowledge of key threads for example in geography the thread of locational knowledge is developed throughout the school.


You can view the substantive knowledge, disciplinary knowledge and vocabulary that your child will be learning by either clicking on subject pages and see how our knowledge is developed throughout the year and across the school in each subject or by clicking onto your child’s year group page you can view what your child is learning during this unit.


When is each unit taught?

Each unit is taught in a 6 week block to ensure our curriculum is balanced.




School Week


Introduction to school and year group


Autumn Term

Unit 1


Unit 2


Unit 3


Consolidation week


Unit 3

17 -20

Spring Term

Unit 4


Consolidation week


Unit 5


Unit 5


Summer Term

Unit 6





Substantive knowledge

The facts that we learn in each subject - for example the names of the countries that make up the United Kingdom are: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Disciplinary knowledge

The methods used to establish the substantive facts. Each subject that we teach will have its own disciplinary knowledge – for example in geography using a map to locate the four countries in the United Kingdom.



The vocabulary listed on our curriculum maps is the subject specific vocabulary that pupils will learn throughout their time at Linden. This vocabulary is also known as tier 3 vocabulary – for example in geography this vocabulary includes – map, country and location.