Linden Forest School

At Linden we are really fortunate to have large beautiful and diverse grounds at both sides of the school. At the upper end of the school, in the area that borders Headland Road and Hawthorne Drive we have been developing outdoor learning over the last three years. The programme is run by Mrs Kanabar, a Forest School Association trained practitioner, who works with selected groups of children over a ten week period. During that time, children are able to develop a wide range of practical, physical, and social skills that will enable them to learn more effectively across the curriculum. It is very good for children with social and emotional needs who may feel more at home with practical learning, but equally good for children new to English as the natural world is explored collaboratively with Mrs Kanabar and other children. This involves using all the senses and encourages a wide range of language to be used in working together in a different environment to a classroom. Because the groups are small, each child gets a high level of adult and peer support to develop their skills, including communication.

All classes from Reception to Year 6 are given opportunities to have Forest school learning in 6 week blocks with just 15 children in each learning group t ensure the highest quality learning experience. Learning involves all areas of the curriculum including maths, science, art, technology as the children make dens, explore life cycles, follow wordless signs for tales, and create natural art works. Older children also support the healthy growth of the corpse through learning woodland maintenance skills.