Policies, reports & procedures

The following policies have been provided for ease of reference.

Click here for our Accessibility Policy and Action Plan

Click here for our Admissions Policy

Click here for our Anti-bullying Policy

Click here for our Attendance Policy

Click here for our Behaviour Policy.

Click here for our Complaints Policy

Click here for our Charging & Remission Policy

Click here for our Data Protection Policy (GDPR)

Click here for our Equalities Policy.

Click here for our Health & Safety Policy 

Click here for our Online Safety Policy incl. Acceptable Use

Click here for our Blended (Remote) Learning Addendum

Click here for our GDPR Privacy Notice

Click here for our Medicines in School Policy

Click here for our RSE Policy

Click here for our Safeguarding Policy

Click here for our SEND Policy.



Please note that all school policies are reviewed on a rolling cycle and/ or when significant change to the policy is required, e.g. due to legislation.