Local Links



At Linden we enjoy sharing our learning with children in other schools, especially schools that are very different to our own. We want to make a positive contribution to our world and learn to recognise and value diversity.

There are lots of interesting places to visit around our school and city. We have enjoyed visits to Leicester Market, Evington's parks and Tesco. We continue our links with all places of worship in order to offer all our children the opportunity to learn from all cultures as part of our community cohesion programme.

We use Evington Swimming Pool for our swimming sessions.

Sporting events involve our school alongside other local primaries in age group based competitions.

Over the past few years we have forged closer links between our teachers and those in neighbouring schools. This is helping us to share the expertise across all the schools and impact positively on the learning for all children.

We are always looking for ways in which to become more involved with our local community. If you know of any groups or associations that would like to link up then please contact Mrs Williams via the office. We also welcome visitors from the local community and invite them to attend school assemblies and performances.


International Links



Through the British School Council we have created a partnership with a few schools overseas. We have also attained the Foundation International School Award from the British Council.

By bringing international learning into our classroom, the children learn valuable lessons about sustainability, mutual respect and citizenship. Children at Linden Primary have an interest in the world around them. They know that there is a world out there, that they are going to be part of, and they want to play a very positive part of that society by being linked to these international schools.

We are re-establishing our program with schools abroad. At present we have a link with Delhi Public School Howrah in India and The Lyceum – Pak Arab Campus in Pakistan. At present we are looking into forging links with a school in China and Nepal

We know that education does not begin and end at the school gate. We are looking to develop links with members of our local community and the wider world. We want to make a positive contribution to our world and learn to recognise and value diversity.