Learning in the EYFS

At Linden Primary School, we acknowledge that starting school is an important step for every child and parent. This should be prepared for and looked forward to as an exciting positive experience. We aim to effect a smooth and enjoyable transition from children’s home and pre-school experiences to the learning environment of a school. We provide a secure stimulating environment within which young children can grow in confidence and independence. Through a broad and balanced curriculum, intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development can be fostered.


In line with the principles for Early Years education, outlined in the DfE document ‘Early Learning Goals’, we acknowledge that children are entitled to a curriculum provision which ‘supports and extends knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence’ and enables them to ‘overcome any disadvantage’. Learning is promoted in the Nursery and Reception Class through a structured early years curriculum enabling children to build on what they already know, and explore their environment through first-hand experiences. Through teacher-led activities, self directed tasks and play opportunities, children will be encouraged to develop their communication skills, giving them the confidence to meet the challenges of new and varied learning experiences. Children progress at their own pace, aspiring to high but achievable learning expectations, ensuring that they experience the satisfaction of success and become valued members of the class community, developing a strong self-image and high self esteem.


With these aims in mind, we trust that the children will enjoy their first year at school and be provided with a firm foundation on which to base future learning, enabling them to develop into responsible and caring individuals.